Rotten Fish and Beaver Vodka

Well this has been a strange and eventful phase in the SWERUS cruise. Mostly nothing involving science as we’ve been parked in an ice floe for nearly 2 weeks. Have been keeping amused with chores, cleaning, splitting cores, writing piston core manuals… And we had Surstromming, the rotten fish in a can. Just a brilliant […]

Hugging the Holocene

We’re at around 150 deg east, north of the New Siberian Islands. In fact we just took a turn around Bennett Island which is the first sight of land since Norway, it looks a bit like Svalbard with an ice cap and glaciers. Currently steaming out of the Laptev Sea and into East Siberian Arctic […]

Stowaway parakeet?

So we’re still bashing our way through the ice, it’s like being on a very rough railway or on a plane in turbulence. Counterintuitive on a ship. Actually like the sleeper train to Penzance, we stop and sit for a bit and then back up (uncoupling the buffet car in Plymouth), then take a bit […]

Magnetic North in Ottawa

Having brilliant art adventures with some brave and jolly Canadians – I’m leading a masterclass in Landscape Theatre for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Ottawa. Just how much fun is it possible to have with a big sheet of plastic, a bucket of water, 15 fearless artists and a beautiful green space? Sue

Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2013, Ottawa

Sue’s leading a master class in site specific theatre before this year’s Magnetic North Festival, 5 days of playing with wood, water, weather (and some other things that don’t begin with w) in Ottawa from June 3rd – 7th. We think we’ve now got a location, a beautiful mix of wild woodland, river, park and garden. Fingers […]

Watching the sun arrive…

I’m stalking Pete on Facebook at the moment. His laptop has died in Svalbard and a replacement has to be shipped from Norway. Happily he’s tagged in lots of posts by his fellow Masters students. There he is, skiing across snowy wastes, getting his rifle training (beware the polar bears!), slithering into glacier crevasses on […]